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About Adams County 4-H Enrichment Programs

Check out the programs and their descriptions below.  We are not limited to the programs listed below; if your school or youth have a specific need to fill, we can develop curriculum that meets that need!

For more information about Adams County’s Enrichment Programs, fill out the Enrichment Programs Request Form or contact Liz Werner at 303-637-8107 or lwerner@adcogov.org

Enrichment Programs

Physical Science
  • Chemistry – Explore the nature of matter and changes while performing exciting experiments.
  • Electricity – Build and explore electric circuits and learn about energy conversion and transfer.
  • Rocketry – Design and build rockets while learning about air flow, pressure, and balance.
  • Wind – Engage in engineering practices such as designing and troubleshooting as you build pinwheels to accomplish a task.
  • Robotics – Employ the engineering design process to build robots using LEGO EV3 technology.
Life Science
  • Embryology – Gain an intimate understanding of embryonic development as you observe fertilized chicken eggs developing into chicks in your group’s personal incubator.  The exciting culmination of this popular program is the chicks hatching!
  • The Three Sisters: Corn, beans, squash – Explore seed structure, germination, and plant growth through the cultural lens of a traditional crop of many Native American tribes.
  • Meet the Creatures – Ask and answer questions about mealworm behavior using the scientific method.

And more…!

To find out more about our enrichment programs, contact Liz Werner at 303-637-8107 or lwerner@adcogov.org

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